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Is there a way which guarantees safe storage of cryptocurrency? After all, one keeps hearing about hacker attacks on cryptocurrency exchange accounts or virtual wallets. What is the safest method of buying, storing and collecting cryptocurrency? This is a question that both beginner investors and experts in the field often ask themselves. Fortunately, there exist safe starter options, such as cryptocurrency education packages.

Investing in cryptocurrency – a profitable trend or an imaginary bubble

Although cryptocurrency has existed for more than a decade, it was not until a few years ago that it became popular. The exceptional increase in Bitcoin’s exchange rate between 2015 and 2017 made investments in cryptocurrency so fashionable that people who were previously not interested in investments started hearing about cryptocurrency. It was in these years that many people decided that they wanted to try their luck and buy cryptocurrency. However, after December 2017, the price of Bitcoin began to fall dramatically, and few people excepted that the currency would regain its former value. Investors switched to other virtual coins such as Ripple, TRON, and Litecoin.

It turned out, however, that Bitcoin got back in shape much faster than expected and is now back on track to reclaim its worth. For investors, this is a sign that cryptocurrency can be considered a “cyclical” asset, which from time to time dramatically increases its value and then quickly loses it. From the perspective of market stability, such fluctuations are not particularly desirable, but at the same time they mean that cryptocurrency has become a wonderful asset for speculation.

Allocation of funds – start with…

There exist a great number of rules that beginner investors should follow. Before you start investing, you should at least consider several available options. Subject-specific preparation is as important as the allocation of funds itself – you should never buy assets which you don’t know.

It is definitely a bad idea to invest all your savings at once. Experts usually advise that at any one time you should invest no more than twenty percent of the amount you own, and to never take out loans on account of an investment. It is also a good idea to break up your investment portfolio into a few – from three to five – assets of different types, namely: two different types of cryptocurrency, gold, two blocks of shares.

An ideal start – a cryptocurrency Starter Package For beginner investors, an interesting alternative which allows them to gain experience independently are cryptocurrency educational packages. The objective of a cryptocurrency education package is to educate on investing and e-coin management. Knowledge is provided with the use of educational materials such as e-books, webinars and online training. With their help, an amateur investor can learn the basics of investing, specifics of investing in cryptocurrency, and how to best manage a selected cryptocurrency.

With each educational package, apart from the educational materials, the buyer receives free-of-charge cryptocurrency units. There are many different types of packages available, differing in the number of free cryptocurrency units and its type. The addition of free-of-charge units is intended to encourage beginner investors to make practical use of the knowledge acquired through learning. The status and value of the acquired units can be verified at any time using the so-called code provided on the card, which contains the login and password to the account.

The investment portfolio is managed by an intermediary platform in order to protect the novice investor from the loss or theft of the funds from the account. However, cryptocurrency assets can be monetised at any time.

Innovative platform – Cryptoeddu is a kind of an intermediary platform, where every investor can access the selected cryptocurrency using two different methods. The first method is the purchase of a training package as part of an educational cryptocurrency package – the user then only buys educational materials and receives a certain amount of money for free in the form of cryptocurrency.

There is also a possibility to collect the cryptocurrency which has previously been purchased as part of the package. The packages can be purchased from Cryptoeddu partners – brands that create the educational packages, in which case you only need to enter the eight-digit code provided with the package to gain access to free cryptocurrency tokens. Beforehand, however, make sure that the brand in question collaborates with the Cryptoeddu platform. Buy your Starter Package on the Cryptoeddu website – at the moment, you can buy the Ripple Plus Package at a promotional price. The set includes a number of e-books and webinars that deal with issues related to investing in cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-related law, security and investment risk issues, as well as the specificity of investing in the Ripple cryptocurrency.

The Ripple Plus Package is, therefore, an extensive compendium of knowledge, which can provide a solid introduction to the topic to those who have never previously invested in cryptocurrency or had no contact with this type of investing. In addition, free Ripple units are added to each package. The number of units depends on the package the customer chooses – there is also an option to buy the Ripple Starter Package without a discount.

Ripple Plus Package and Ripple Starter Package can be purchased on the Cryptoeddu website

Collect your cryptocurrency The cryptocurrency units purchased as part of the package are stored in an individual wallet assigned to each purchase. The eight-digit code visible on the card included in the set allows you to manage your funds.

To collect your cryptocurrency, click the “Collect cryptocurrency” tab at the top of the page. A window will appear in which you should enter the code you received and the email address you provided when making the order.

Place where the code should be entered

It is worth noting that compared to other websites where you can buy cryptocurrency, Cryptoeddu is distinguished by cooperation with numerous companies offering free-of-charge cryptocurrency units provided with the training. As a result, on the Cryptoeddu website, you can also collect cryptocurrency which comes with the set purchased outside the platform itself. The procedure of collecting the cryptocurrency is then the same as in the case of an educational package with cryptocurrency purchased directly on the Cryptoeddu website.

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